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Toilet Installation

If you are looking to install a new toilet in your home or business we can help! Our experts have the experience and tools in order to get the job done efficiently and professionally. By hiring one of our handymen you can rest assured that the job will get done right.

The cost of installing a toilet can vary based on multiple factors. However, we typically charge $250. Some aspects that might change the cost include:

  • The type of toilet: Some toilets require more technical work than others and therefore may take more or less time to install. This could include toilets with more advanced features such as bidets, heated seats, self-cleaning systems, etc. will be more expensive to install than basic models.
  • Plumbing modifications: If the location of the toilet requires plumbing modifications, such as moving pipes or adding new lines, this can increase the cost of the installation.
  • Location of the toilet: Installing a toilet in a difficult to access location, such as a second floor bathroom, may require additional time and effort, and therefore increase the cost of the installation.


Reach out to us to get an exact quote on how much the installation will cost the toilet you are looking to have installed.

Toilet Repair

Toilets can experience multiple issues that involve the need for repair. At Mr. Home Repair, our handymen can help diagnose and resolve these problems. When a toilet becomes damaged it is an issue that needs to be addressed promptly and we can do that for you! Some common issues that may be occurring include:

  • Clogs: Toilets can become clogged due to the buildup of waste and paper, leading to slow draining or complete blockages. 
  • Leaks: Leaks can occur at the base of the toilet or at the point where the tank and bowl meet, leading to possible water damage. 
  • Running water: Toilets can sometimes continue to run water after being flushed, leading to increased water usage and bills. This can be caused by problems with the flapper, fill valve, or float arm that we can address for you.
  • Worn out parts: Over time, the components of a toilet can wear out and become less efficient. Our team will conduct an inspection and see if you are in need of a replacement part.


We understand that a toilet that is not functioning needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Get in contact with us and we will provide you with a quote and work to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.

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