Handyman Plumbing Services In Tulsa

Leaking pipes and faucets are extremely wasteful and can cause serious damage. They can drive up the cost of your water bill and cause damage to nearby surrounding areas. So if you are experiencing plumbing issues don’t wait around to get them fixed. Here at Mr. Home Repair of Tulsa, our skilled handymen can assist with a variety of minor plumbing repairs.


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If you are in need of emergency service, or would like a free estimate, contact us now by submitting an online service request, or by giving our office a call.

Plumbing Repair

Every household at one time or another will experience a minor plumbing problem from a leaking tap to a clogged garbage disposal. These small jobs should be left to a professional as it’s better to get a job done right the first time. At Mr. Home Repair of Tulsa we can help with any minor plumbing issues you might have. 

Our Plumbing Repair Services: 

  • Faucet Repairs
  • Dripping Faucets 
  • Drain Repairs 
  • Clogged Drains 
  • Toilet Repair 
  • Sink Repair 
  • Dishwasher Repair 
  • Upgrade Shower Heads 
  • Garbage Disposal Repair 
  • Toilet Replacement 

How We Work

Every home needs a reliable handyman who can help as soon as an issue occurs in the home. Next time you notice a plumbing issue don’t put it off or add it to the list. Contact Mr. Home Repair of Tulsa and have your it solved straight away. 

Get in touch today by calling or filling out an online service request form. Once we have arranged a time with you a member of our team will come to your home fully equipped with all the tools and materials needed to successfully repair or install any items. Our service professionals will take and discard any old items that they have replaced, like an old toilet or kitchen sink. We are proud to guarantee professional communication, reliable scheduling and quality work. Every Time!

What can our handymen do for you?

Here are some of our most popular services

Faucet Repairs

Unclog Drains

Toilet Repair

Drain Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Toilet Replacement

Tub Repair

Shower Repair

Garbage Disposal

Leaky Joints

Why Choose Mr Home Repair of tulsa?

We are the perfect choice for all your home improvements. Here at Mr. Home Repair of Tulsa, we understand how frustrating it can be when things break around the home and you have no time to fix them. Our team of professionally trained handymen will go above and beyond to fix any issues within your home. By choosing us you are guaranteed professional communication, reliable scheduling and quality work. Every Time!


You can rely on our team of professional handymen to get the job done.


Our handymen never rush a job. They will complete it thoroughly and to the highest standard.


We are fully licensed and covered by general liability insurance. Helping to keep you and our staff safe. 


Our handymen know that punctuality is key. So we do our very best to show up on time for all our appointment.


Our team are professionally trained with many years of experience working in the home repair industry.


Customers are our top priority so any questions you might have our handymen will be more than happy to answer.

Let Us Take Care Of it

Not sure if we handle projects like yours? Don’t hesitate to reach out using our contact form. No job is too small!